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Principal’s Virtual Move – Dark Fiber, Bright Future

The strategic advantages are significant-- it puts us in a whole different position with carriers, both domestically and internationally. We can connect anywhere in the world.

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Keith Kratochvil
Senior IT Architect | Principal Financial Group

The Magic Switch: Tech in the Time of Pandemic

We manage thousands of devices across a thousand different locations. Any given day, alarms go off, fans quit, and water drips. We need to make those repairs to prevent outages and keep Iowa connected and running

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Rob Smith
President | Fiberutilities Network Services

SRHO – Healthcare Connect Fund Means Big Savings for Participating Members

"This is an immediate and low-risk benefit for Members. With FG's industry-leading knowledge of healthcare technology, Members enjoy both savings and expert guidance for long-term IT efficiencies. "

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Mark Tribbett, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer | SRHO - The National Association

FG’s Expertise Leads to Big Savings for AboutHealth Owners

They're working for us. They don't come in and say, 'This is how you have to do it they have options and you can choose one of those options or create a hybrid option from what they're suggesting. It's truly the flexibility to do what we want as the customer.

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Keith Livingston
Past President and CEO | AboutHealth

Transforming Healthcare Communications with Strategic Telecom Management

"They worked tirelessly to help us realize significant savings. Plus, our internal resources previously dedicated to telecom can now focus on more rewarding tasks. If you're not using FG to manage your communications environment, you should be."

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Jim Mormann
CEO of Integrated Solutions | CIO of OSF HealthCare

Faster, Safer, Better Tech: OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Saves More than Money

They don't just teach us about new technology; they show us how it should be used in the healthcare setting.

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Jim Mormann
CEO of Integrated Solutions | CIO of OSF HealthCare

Warrick County Brings Vision and Courage to Broadband Project

From the feasibility side to the technology side to their experience aII the way through. They're going to be there to the finish line when this installed fiber is tested and accepted. We are nothing but happy that we partnered with FG.

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Steve Roelle
Executive Director of Success | Warrick County

FG Transforms Illinois Rural HealthNet (IRHN)

Today the capabilities that are present in the Illinois Rural HealthNet are vastly improved. It allows our members to do the things that they wouldn’t have been able to do conveniently with the previous design.

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David Lunemann
Vice President of Client Services | FG

The Roadway to Health for Rural Nebraska Healthcare Network

"FG brought everything to the table- industry expertise, engineering, design, financial modeling, and project management. They demonstrated a unique and highly custom ized approach to our complex project. There is no way we could have done this without them."

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Todd Sorensen
Past President | Rural Nebraska Healthcare Network

Dosher Memorial Hospital benefits from the Coastal Carolina Health Alliance HCF Initiative

“It has been an easy lift for our organization as FG did the work on Dosher's behalf. We have received almost $40,000 in annual expense reimbursement from the Healthcare Connect Fund and this number is expected to increase. We plan to earmark the funds for special projects, upgrades, etc.”

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Ken Worley
Director of Information | Dosher Memorial Hospital

FG and PCNS Play Key Role in OSF Healthcare’s New Headquarters

PCNS had to figure out how to develop and deploy the best healthcare technology possible—despite the constraints they were given. That’s nothing new for PCNS, which has numerous restrictions whenever it works in hospitals and healthcare settings.

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Collin Summers
Managing Director | Pointcore Network Services

New WAN Decreases Costs, Increases Ability to Serve

We did not realize it at the time, but installing the new network removed any possible cost and technology constraint, so top management could focus on growing the business aggressively and still control our operating costs.

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Dr. David Hall
Senior Vice President, Information Systems & CIO | OSF HealthCare

Healthcare network reliability secured by FG and Pointcore

The experts at FG demonstrate ownership. They are invested in the outcome and the long-term benefits of the work we are doing together. They are not just checking a box within the scope of work. Instead, they want to understand my business and my objectives.

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Jim Schreiner
CIO and Vice President of Information Technology | Graham Health System

Robust Infrastructure Propels OSF HealthCare’s COVID-19 Response

We built resiliency into the WAN design, and when you combine that with the automation of the LAN fabric technology, we can quickly and securely add new devices while ensuring the network transport is always available,

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Steve Knapp
President and Chief Financial Officer for FG | OSF HealthCare