Dosher Memorial Hospital benefits from the Coastal Carolina Health Alliance HCF Initiative

Apr 01, 2022

Dosher Memorial Hospital is a critical access hospital located in Southport, North Carolina with a mission to be the friendliest, most patient-focused hospital in North Carolina. It is a member of the Coastal Carolina Health Alliance (CCHA) of Wilmington, North Carolina.

CCHA provides unique opportunities for its members to save on services, products, and programs in areas that national GPOs do not offer. This includes the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF). HCF is a government program and just one of the many cost-saving initiatives generating significant savings for participating CCHA members.

As a CCHA member, Dosher Memorial receives preferred terms from Fiberutilities Group (FG), a strategic partner and administrator of HCF. HCF provides discounts of up to 65% on eligible broadband expenses.

“Fiberutilities Group (FG) was instrumental in helping Dosher Memorial Hospital achieve annual savings in their broadband and telecommunications expenses through the federal Healthcare Connect Fund. By using their proprietary tool to identify maximum savings, FG minimized the need for a heavy lift by the hospital’s staff,” according to Yvonne Hughes, former CEO, Coastal Carolina Health Alliance (CCHA).

Leveraging FG as a strategic partner has generated hard-dollar proof of the collaborative power between Dosher Memorial and CCHA. In 2018 Dosher did not participate in the HCF program. In 2019, Dosher received $37,496 in reimbursements and $41,893 in 2020. In future years more CCHA members can work with FG to maximize their funding

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