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All new network? No problem.

A joint venture between FG and Peoria-based Pointcore, Pointcore Network Services (PCNS) provides strategic local area network planning and implementation in critical hospital environments. Led by a seasoned team of clinicians, technologists, and business strategists, PCNS ensures your network supports your challenging operational goals and growing patient care demands.

Enabling better healthcare.

The right network breaks down barriers to patient data and information and opens new possibilities for advanced healthcare technology. Our local area network infrastructure is designed to deliver integrated value for a very long time. There’s no limit to our suite of tools and solutions because we don’t sell packages or products. We implement a strategic network plan that considers every aspect of your healthcare system. Then we relentlessly and diligently support it. You get comprehensive network design with clean integration at speeds that match the urgency of a hospital environment.

As a HIMSS certified provider, you can trust Pointcore Network Services to design, build and diligently operate your network with the same care that you show your patients.

Pointcore Network Services

PCNS is HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 certified

At PCNS, we specialize in assessments such as the Analytical Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM), developed by HIMSS Analytics, the leader in healthcare market intelligence. INFRAM helps leaders assess and map their technology and infrastructure capabilities required to reach their clinical and operational goals. 

INFRAM focuses on five critical factors: mobility, security, collaboration, transport, and data warehousing. INFRAM is proven to improve care delivery, reduce cyber risk and create a pathway tied directly to enhance clinical and business outcomes. 


How HIMSS Analytics helps hospitals optimize their networks to meet strategic goals

As apps and devices become more ubiquitous, complex, and bandwidth-intensive, health systems need a strategy to manage the quality and integrity of their network infrastructures.

“In the last 30 years, technology has flooded into the patient’s room,” said Robert Zemke, director of healthcare solutions at Extreme Networks, during a recent HIMSS20 Digital presentation.

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Network Assessments

A three-part assessment tool comprised of a technology survey, network evaluation, and strategic assessment. This tool will deliver benchmark results, an INFRAM assessment, and a technology plan to achieve patient goals.

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OSF HealthCare's COVID-19 Response

Over the last decade, OSF prepared for its digital future, envisioning services, functions, and connectivity that met projected and unforeseen needs. To make that happen, Fiberutilities Group (FG), one of the joint owners of PCNS, developed OSF’s robust Wide Area Network (WAN) fiber ring infrastructure, a private fiber network that directly connects all OSF hospitals and many clinics.

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