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Watch this video to see how FundCapture maximizes your fair share of federal funding from the Healthcare Connect Fund


You may qualify for additional support from the Healthcare Connect Fund program.

With our FundCapture service, FG is the only company to manage the entire process to qualify for and obtain reimbursement from the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) to reduce your healthcare organization’s broadband expenses with up to a 65% discount on all eligible expenses.

Applying for HCF funds is a complex and rigorous process. It is managed by The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). Qualifications, rules, and requirements are strict. Our FundCapture HCF-specific experts ensure that nothing is missed, and no mistakes are made to avoid disqualification or missed opportunities. Our service is like no other. From needs analysis, credit verification, through application and adherence to the HCF requirements, and thorough project management of all USAC audits, we are there every step of the way to maximize your funds through our comprehensive administration of the HCF process. With FundCapture, you will not leave money on the table.

Using our FundCapture services and proprietary FundCapture platform, 1,750-plus healthcare organizations of all sizes, both rural healthcare and urban healthcare facilities, have secured more than $60 million in federal funds to reduce the cost of broadband installations and upgrades. We are the second largest administrator of the Healthcare Connect Fund program.

Go here to see a view of the proprietary FundCapture platforms that enable healthcare organizations to monitor the progress of their HCF program.


There is no risk when you partner with the HCF experts at FG.

There is no risk when you partner with the HCF experts at FG. There is only upside. Our FundCapture approach to maximum funding is unique in the industry. With decades of healthcare experience and a team of telecommunications and funding experts, we are the only company to offer strategic advice packaged with the comprehensive administration of the Healthcare Connect Fund process. We operate independently of any vendor or provider. We specialize in leveraging federal funds for cost displacement and infrastructure investment. Using our proprietary FundCapture platform, we provide the access, support and structure required to maximize your funding.

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What is the Healthcare Connect Fund?

The Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) provides support for high-capacity broadband connectivity to eligible health care providers (HCPs) and encourages the formation of state and regional broadband HCP networks. Under the program, eligible rural HCPs, and urban HCPs that are members of a rural-majority consortium, can receive a 65 percent discount on all eligible expenses. HCPs are required to contribute the remaining 35 percent to participate in the program. HCPs can use the Healthcare Connect Fund to purchase services and equipment, as well as construct their own broadband infrastructure where it is shown to be the most cost-effective option.

Watch this video to see how the FundCapture proprietary platform maximizes and tracks your Healthcare Connect Funds

FG’s FundCapture services use a proprietary platform to provide our clients with complete transparency into all phases of their Healthcare Connect Fund program. First, we build a base model to determine funding potential.

During the funding process, your organization has complete visibility through the FundCapture personalized dashboard to view the status of each phase of your HCF program for each of your healthcare facilities. With 24/7 access your staff can access these dashboards to see the amount of funds requested, the funds awarded, the funds still to be award, and the billings for each network provider.

Read how FundCapture has helped healthcare organizations save millions

AboutHealth, a Wisconsin strategic regional healthcare organization (SHRO) used FundCapture to save 43% on network costs with HCF. Optimizing contracts for owners of six facilities enabled AboutHealth to maintain current carriers and leverage volume buying.

“Our owners trust the FG organization,” said AboutHealth former President and CEO Keith Livingston, calling FG “flexible, knowledgeable, reliable, and transparent.”

“They work on our behalf. They come to us with ideas. They come to us with opportunities.”

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Dosher Memorial Hospital benefits from the Coastal Carolina Health Alliance HCF Initiative

“Fiberutilities Group (FG) was instrumental in helping Dosher Memorial Hospital achieve annual savings in their broadband and telecommunications expenses through the federal Healthcare Connect Fund. By using their proprietary tool to identify maximum savings, FG minimized the need for a heavy lift by the hospital’s staff,” according to Yvonne Hughes, former CEO, Coastal Carolina Health Alliance (CCHA).

Read the Dosher Memorial Success Story

Contact us to see how FundCapture services can reduce your broadband expenses.

Webinar: Extreme Networks and FG share funding opportunities for healthcare communications

Register and Watch. Extreme Networks and FG share the funding opportunities to support healthcare communications and connectivity initiatives. Webinar contents:

– Overview of the Healthcare Connect Fund
– Explanation of Federal grants for healthcare providers
– Top grants for healthcare organizations
– How to make the best use of these funds

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