Proprietary FundCapture Platforms Maximize Your Healthcare Connect Fund Opportunity

Proprietary FundCapture Platforms Maximize Your Healthcare Connect Fund Opportunity

FG’s FundCapture services use a proprietary platform to provide our clients with complete transparency into all phases of their Healthcare Connect Fund program. First, we build a base model to determine funding potential. Once the program has started, your healthcare organization has a customized FundCapture platform. The platform offers multiple screen views that enable healthcare executives to view the status of each phase of their entire Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) funding program.

Model Your HCF Opportunity: Our FundCapture proprietary modeling platform analyzes the HCF potential for each of your rural healthcare system’s facilities recurring broadband expenses.

FundCapture models funding potential from the Healthcare Connect Fund

See the Status of Your HCF Program: The FundCapture proprietary platform allows healthcare clients to view the status of each phase of their HCF process from request to acceptance through management. Streamline communications within your organization when all approved parties have access to the proprietary FundCapture HCF platform.

FundCapture report to see the status of Healthcare Connect Fund funding

Funding Progress: See funding progress through each phase of your HCF program. This includes the dollar amount for eligible expenses, funds awarded, funds accepted, requested reimbursement, approved invoices, credits received and invoiced. Get your HCF information at your fingertips.

FundCapture report for funding progress from the Healthcare Connect Fund

Snapshot of all Funding Phases: The FundCapture proprietary platform provides clients with a snapshot overview for phases of their HCF program. This includes the expected support, awarded funds and accepted funds. See the percentage of funds for your urban and rural healthcare sites. The overview screen also breaks out invoiced, certified and net fees for actual HCF support.

FundCapture platform to view Healthcare Connect Fund funding progress for healthcare sites

View Funds by Fiscal Year: FundCapture reports in the platform also provide a view of HCF funding credits received and credits pending for each year that your healthcare organization is part of the HCF program.

FundCapture Report funds received and fund credits pending from the Healthcare Connect Fund

All Details at Your Fingertips: Up late in the evening and you want to know where you stand with your entire FundCapture HCF program? Login the platform to see complete details. Funds submitted, expected support, funds awarded, funds accepted, invoiced, approved, USAC approved funds, client credited and fee invoiced. View billings by service provider by fiscal year.

FundCapture Detailed Reports for your Healthcare Connect Fund funding

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