SRHO – Healthcare Connect Fund Means Big Savings for Participating Members

Jun 16, 2021

SRHO – The National Association serves as a national forum for members and their affiliates to address unique challenges and collaborate on cost-saving initiatives. The Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) is a government program and just one of the many cost-saving initiatives generating significant savings for participating members.

Offering preferred terms to SRHO National Members, HCF is administered by Fiberutilities Group (FG) and provides discounts of up to 65% on eligible broadband expenses. With more than 30 affiliates participating in the program, FG has generated more than $12 million in annual savings for Members — with more savings projected for next year.

“This is an immediate and low-risk benefit for Members,” according to Mark Tribbett, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer of SRHO – The National Association. “With FG’s industry-leading knowledge of healthcare technology, members enjoy both savings and expert guidance for long-term IT efficiencies.”

“Our owners trust the FG organization,” says AboutHealth President and CEO, Keith Livingston. “They work on our behalf. They come to us with ideas and opportunities.”

Leveraging FG as a strategic partner has generated hard-dollar results — proof of the collaborative power within SRHO — The National Association. With more than $800+ million in federal funding available members can work with FG to maximize their funding support.

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