Healthcare network reliability secured by FG and Pointcore

Nov 28, 2021

Graham Health System and its affiliates, based in Canton, Illinois, is dedicated to providing the very best in quality health care with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. To achieve their mission, the telecommunications and network infrastructure must perform at the highest possible levels of reliability.

FG was contacted by Graham Health System to run a scan of their network to pinpoint issues eluding the Graham technical team. Pointcore Network Services, FG’s local area network experts specializing in healthcare, were called in for the job.

According to Jim Schreiner, CIO and Vice President of Information Technology at Graham, “I expected the team to run a simple scan, but they exceeded my expectations in every way. A small army of Pointcore Network Services engineers proceeded to walk the entire facility and put eyes on every data closet and both data centers, mapping and documenting our set up. I appreciated that level of service.”

The Pointcore Network Services team was fast to respond. Lee Seydel, Chief Technology Officer at FG said, “Graham asked us to conduct a typical network scan, but we had our team there in less than two hours. We understand the urgency when there are issues with any network, particularly in healthcare.”

“The experts at FG demonstrate ownership,” said Jim Schreiner, CIO and Vice President of Information Technology at Graham Health System. “They are invested in the outcome and the long-term benefits of the work we are doing together. They are not just checking a box within the scope of work. Instead, they want to understand my business and my objectives.”

Schreiner said, “FG is unique. There is a lot of commonalities across data circuits and telco circuits, and expertise in both areas doesn’t exist. Add in their deep understanding of LAN, WAN and private fiber, and I know my entire infrastructure has been analyzed by the only team with the capabilities that span all areas. With FG, I enjoy peace of mind knowing they have the in-depth knowledge and the industry expertise. I trust the FG team to determine the long-term solution for my system.”

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