Healthcare Organizations Must go Through USAC To Receive HCF Funds

Healthcare Organizations Must go Through USAC To Receive HCF Funds

What is USAC?

The Universal Service Administration Co. (USAC) is an independent not-for-profit that administers the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) for the Rural Health Care program (RHC) under the direction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The program provides discounts of up to 65% on eligible broadband connectivity expenses for individual rural health care providers or consortia members consisting of both rural and non-rural providers.

The Healthcare Connect Fund has close to $1 billion to support healthcare facilities in bringing world-class medical care to rural areas through increased connectivity.

How is USAC involved in the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF)?

To access these funds healthcare organizations must complete complex USAC forms to determine their Healthcare Connect Fund program eligibility, determine the services or equipment their organization wants to improve or buy, evaluate service provider bids, choose the provider, and submit the funding request.

Sound simple? Not really. That’s where FG’s FundCapture services come in.

FundCapture navigates the USAC process for you

When you work with the FundCapture at FG, you are not alone. We are thorough and leave no stone unturned throughout the Healthcare Connect Fund process. No opportunities will be missed. Your funding will be maximized.

FG’s FundCapture healthcare technology experts manage the entire process end-to-end

1. Establish your consortium or evaluate participation in existing consortia

2. Determine your eligible sites and identify all eligible expenses

3. Complete all the complex paperwork

4. Manage the forms submission process

5. Ensure that all HCF rules and regulations are followed

6. Thorough project management of all USAC audits

7. Provide access to our proprietary FundCapture dashboard to monitor your funding

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