Broadband Together harnesses the power of collaboration

Broadband Together harnesses the power of collaboration

Broadband Together provides the overarching structural fabric, vision and direction for the expansion and enhancement of new broadband capabilities by fostering meaningful partnerships between stakeholders across rural America. Based on a proprietary framework developed by the network experts at FG, Broadband Together creates then drives the functional relationships required to develop opportunities in rural communities.

Rural communities typically need greater broadband capabilities ahead of the market demand required for many service providers to deploy this advanced broadband infrastructure. Broadband Together leverages economic opportunities to close the financial gap needed to justify services. Leveraging preexisting programs such as property tax exemption, federal and state grants as well as economic development funding, creates new viable options for many hard to serve areas.

FG developed the Community Assessment and Partnership Program (CAPP) as the functional program framework to deliver Broadband Together collaborative initiatives. CAPP is designed to focus, leverage and create synergy within limited resources through collaboration and cooperation of broadband stakeholders working together. Through the CAPP process, Broadband Together identifies existing assets, strategically aligns stakeholders, then organizes these existing broadband “currencies” in a manner that bridges the market demand gap. This unique approach enables more rapid expansion of broadband capabilities in challenging environments.

Broadband Together assesses the broadband landscape and business challenges for each stakeholder then guides stakeholders through options that will create desired results for all involved. Operating from a platform built on common information, FG can guide a productive goal-oriented dialogue between service providers and other stakeholders. FG’s CAPP approach can save time and money up front by focusing on developing a solid functional stakeholder partnership first.

Broadband Together is a consultative service that drives the creation of new broadband by uniting broadband users, service providers, government and the economic development community into a single unified initiative.

When stakeholders Broadband Together, rural America can benefit from the economic value of enhanced broadband.

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