Relentlessly dedicated to helping you network better.
FG represents the best interests of your business in the technology investment decision.

Wide Area Networks

FG manages, monitors and maintains every element of your network infrastructure. Our team works with you to understand the unique challenges facing your business. Then, we determine the most efficient solutions to those challenges. We’ll even establish a dedicated subsidiary, just like we did with Fiberutilities Network Services, LLC, a team dedicated to the long-term support of the Iowa Communications Network.

Local Area Networks

Our specialized team, PointCore Network Services, provides layer 3 services in hospital and clinic environments. PointCore Network Services is better LAN management because we’re embedded in your environment through FG Plan, FG Build and FG Operate. This immersive approach allows us to provide unrivaled responsiveness with the right solutions. Every time.

Strategic Services

We could list all of our network and telecommunication services, but it’s easier to say that we do exactly what your business needs. Our team analyzes and assesses networks across all levels to deliver the specific solutions to your problems. It’s a comprehensive, consultative and vendor-neutral approach that allows us to provide solutions tailored to your unique needs. Throughout the process we remain relentlessly dedicated to you, our client. That’s how we network better.