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You may qualify for additional support from the Healthcare Connect Fund program.

Capturing the maximum federal Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) support requires understanding complex qualifications and strict adherence to program rules. Missing these requirements puts you at risk for missed funding opportunities, or worse, disqualification from the program.

You need a service that has program-specific expertise and a team that understands the program requirements to truly maximize your funding.

Introducing FundCapture – an HCF-specific service that combines a team of our experts with the tools needed to maximize funding.


There is no risk when you partner with the experts at FG.

There is no risk when you partner with the experts at FG. There is only upside. Our approach to capturing the maximum possible funding is unique in the industry. With decades of healthcare experience and a team of telecommunications and funding experts, we offer strategic advice packaged with the comprehensive administration of the Healthcare Connect Fund process. We operate independently of any vendor or provider and we specialize in leveraging federal funds for cost displacement and infrastructure investment. Utilizing our proprietary tool, FundCapture, we provide the access, support and structure required to maximize your funding dollars. Contact us soon to learn how much your support can increase with the FG team at your side.


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What is the Healthcare Connect Fund?

The Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) provides support for high-capacity broadband connectivity to eligible health care providers (HCPs) and encourages the formation of state and regional broadband HCP networks. Under the program, eligible rural HCPs, and urban HCPs that are members of a rural-majority consortium, can receive a 65 percent discount on all eligible expenses. HCPs are required to contribute the remaining 35 percent to participate in the program. HCPs can use the Healthcare Connect Fund to purchase services and equipment, as well as construct their own broadband infrastructure where it is shown to be the most cost-effective option.