FG Plan

If you’re here, then we’ll work with you to get there. Everything is designed to do what you need to do because we don’t believe in boxes. It’s the better way to develop strategic network plans. We put the pieces together. Solve problems. Spend smarter.
What’s next? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered.

FG Plan is engineered for success in business.

Our strategic network plans include everything before the execution and the entire process is styled to meet your needs. You’re always at the center of the composition. Our partnership starts with a comprehensive look at all of the elements of your business. It’s both honest and empathetic. We identify the capabilities you need to beat the competition and we also identify the components that would be a waste of money. The right solutions without the excess.

Our team is your team.

FG Plan is an immersive process that places our experts alongside your people in the trenches. It’s a level of visibility that’s vital to the development of our strategic network plans because our process produces efficient solutions to the specific challenges facing your business. We leverage perspective and experience to architect strategy that lasts. The truest blueprint.


About FG

We Plan. We Build. We Operate. It all started with a simple idea: Connection. Back then, FG was known as Fiberutilities Group, but the same entrepreneurial spirit continues to inspire our evolution as a team. We’ve always endeavored to be a great place to work and an ever greater partner for our clients. We’re there. […]


The Healthcare Connect Fund provides support for broadband connectivity to eligible health care providers. But providers must prove eligibility in order to receive support from the Healthcare Connect Fund. It’s a process that’s difficult to navigate and demands creative positioning. That’s where we come in.