FG Operate

We watch over your network environment. 24/7/365. Because it’s the little things every day that prevent big problems. Our management is proactive and reactive. If something goes wrong, the right team is there to fix it. Total resolution. No matter what.
Basically, we’re always working to stop the bad stuff from happening.

FG Operate is much more than network management.

We do anything and everything that keeps your network running. Seriously. Imagine one point of contact for all of your network needs. That’s us. We also offer more than any network vendor. Our team connects the different components of your business for transformative solutions that deliver exponential value. We’re like a trusted advisor or business partner. Here to help. That’s how it should be, right? Stronger signal. No more noise.

Better network management matters.

FG Operate is constant management. Our team is versatile and vigilant because our cumulative experience is comprehensive. The total package. Fundamentally, we’re all problem solvers. We anticipate and respond to problems. When something unexpected happened to one of our partners in health care, our team was there to make sure it wasn’t felt by providers or patients. That’s how we like to work. Unnoticed.


About FG

We Plan. We Build. We Operate. It all started with a simple idea: Connection. Back then, FG was known as Fiberutilities Group, but the same entrepreneurial spirit continues to inspire our evolution as a team. We’ve always endeavored to be a great place to work and an ever greater partner for our clients. We’re there. […]


The Healthcare Connect Fund provides support for broadband connectivity to eligible health care providers. But providers must prove eligibility in order to receive support from the Healthcare Connect Fund. It’s a process that’s difficult to navigate and demands creative positioning. That’s where we come in.