FG Build

All new network? No problem. Our network creation process is painless for our partners and the final product is truly transformative. Start to finish. We make it happen without the hiccups. You can kick back and watch the master plan become interaction.
Connected, unlike anyone else.

FG Build is customized execution for the perfect network.

The right network breaks down barriers to good business and opens new possibilities for the future. We build it. Our broadband infrastructure is designed to deliver value for a very long time. There’s no limit to our suite of tools and solutions because we don’t sell packages or products. We implement the strategic network plan with the optimal pieces and players for your business. Comprehensive network creation with clean integration. Then it’s on.

Our networks work better.

Yes, we know what’s buried out there and we know how to make it better, but the value of our network infrastructure encompasses every aspect of your business. FG Build is ultimately about smarter resource alignment. Lower latency for faster information. Prudent redundancy to guarantee availability. Because technology never stops evolving and neither should your network.


About FG

We Plan. We Build. We Operate. It all started with a simple idea: Connection. Back then, FG was known as Fiberutilities Group, but the same entrepreneurial spirit continues to inspire our evolution as a team. We’ve always endeavored to be a great place to work and an ever greater partner for our clients. We’re there. […]


The Healthcare Connect Fund provides support for broadband connectivity to eligible health care providers. But providers must prove eligibility in order to receive support from the Healthcare Connect Fund. It’s a process that’s difficult to navigate and demands creative positioning. That’s where we come in.