Rural Nebraska Healthcare Network (RNHN) is an 800 mile, 84 fiber, privately owned redundant ring with long haul circuits to Denver and Omaha, serving 23 Nebraska hospitals, behavioral health providers and their associated clinics, with the goal of facilitating deployment of advanced medical technologies that vastly improve patient care.

FG took a leading role in attaining the funding for the $20M fiber optic medical network.

Almost two years of planning and project management were involved in arriving at the final stages of federal approvals through the Universal Service Administrative Corporation. “This is exactly the sort of project at which FG excels,” said Kent Van Metre, Vice President at FG. “Working with the federal agencies and partnering with community-based health care organizations to create private fiber networks is our core business.”

“FG brought everything to the table. Industry expertise, vendor neutrality, engineering, innovative design, financial modeling and project management,” said Todd Sorensen, President of Rural Nebraska Healthcare Network. “They demonstrated a unique and highly customized approach to our very complex project. There is no way we could have done this without them.”

In addition to its role in attaining funding for the project, FG has been retained by RNHN in an ongoing operations role. “Various federal funding initiatives have enabled health care providers to vastly improve access to quality medical services in remote areas of the country,” said Scot Eberle, President of FG. “The management of these projects can, however, be extremely complex. We are pleased to play a central role in delivering the benefits of these technologies to previously underserved communities.”