“They worked tirelessly to help us realize significant savings. Plus, our internal resources previously dedicated to telecom can now focus on more rewarding tasks. If you’re not using FG to manage your communications environment, you should be.” — Jim Mormann, CIO at OSF Healthcare and CEO of Integrated Solutions


The telecom expense challenge was not unique to OSF HealthCare. Typical of most healthcare systems, OSF had disparate groups involved at different points in the telecom services lifecycle. Each department had partial information and no one group had all the data needed to validate contracts, inventory, services and invoices.

FG assumed management in 2014, acting as a central point of contact with carriers, coordinating contracts, orders and billing issues. Immediately the carrier relationships began to improve and significant operational savings were identified.

The process began with a deep understanding of the entire communications infrastructure and audits of contracts and invoices. Early savings were generated through records cleanup, optimization of services and new contract negotiations. Eventually OSF Healthcare was in a position to migrate to newer, more efficient services, with continued focus on invoice reconciliation.

Based on our performance and the trust we’ve established, today’s partnership enables the adoption of emerging technologies and continued process efficiencies, including adoption of SIP and removal of outdated technology. The metrics for OSF Healthcare have been significant, with four years of service generating a 4.7x return on OSF’s investment.