AboutHealth is a strategic regional healthcare organization (SRHO) dedicated to leading transformational change in Wisconsin. Collectively, AboutHealth’s six healthcare systems are delivering more consistent and reliable high-quality healthcare at a lower, more affordable cost through their relentless application of patient analytics and unique approach to system-wide collaborative initiatives.

AboutHealth engaged with FG to explore savings opportunities across their member systems. The FG team developed an HCF opportunity report for each of the AboutHealth member systems utilizing a proprietary model that accounts for 100% eligible expense capture, as well as assesses scenarios that optimize consortium configuration.

Keith Livingston, President and CEO of AboutHealth said, “FG really understood the HCF opportunity. They quickly developed a comprehensive report for all of our member organizations. It made the decision to move ahead very easy.”

Keith adds, “As an SRHO, we help our members reduce their costs and improve healthcare quality, experience and outcomes. When we started talking to FG, we were focused on expense reduction. Based on their proprietary approach, we received an incremental $1.8 million above the member-level support received during the previous funding cycle.”

The individual healthcare systems quickly understood the unique nature of FG’s strategic approach to maximizing HCF support. The work was consolidated with FG to ensure the greatest possible cost savings were achieved. For funding year 2018, the AboutHealth organization, along with its members, are on track to receive $3.6 million in telecommunication and broadband savings. For some members, the funding enabled much-needed investment in eligible equipment and network updates.

“FG’s greatest value was realized when they brought their unbiased industry experience to the table”, said Keith, “We are currently looking at four unique network efficiency models that could collectively save our members as much as $7.2 million annually.”

“Our ability to secure maximum funding support for AboutHealth and its members enabled the network investment that lead to significant, long-term savings for the strategic organization,” said Gerald Horst, Vice President at FG. “It’s why SRHOs exist, and designing for optimization across the network infrastructure is a savings opportunity often underestimated unless viewed holistically.”

For any SRHO with disparate carriers and services, it is difficult to maneuver the landscape. That’s where FG steps in. “We aligned with AboutHealth and each member to understand both the global and local strategy,” said Scot Eberle, CEO of FG. “We remain vendor-neutral in order to design and build the network that enables better business for each member and better community healthcare for AboutHealth.”

“We are working with FG on three engagements. They have the experience and proven ability to go above and beyond repeatedly” said Keith. “It has been one of the most significant savings initiatives we’ve delivered to our members.”