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Transforming healthcare communications with strategic telecom estate management.

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we understand the healthcare technology environment.

Managing diverse communication needs across a complex healthcare system requires a deep understanding of multi-provider services, invoices and contracts and strict tracking of an ever-changing inventory of assets. Every day you risk losing money, wasting time — or worse — putting patients at risk by using outdated technology.

Our CarrierComplete platform combines powerful asset management and expert-driven savings strategy to help you achieve and maintain the highest-performing, lowest-cost infrastructure. FG is your end-to-end communications partner with an unmatched ability to manage the entire telecom lifecycle while advising on the optimal design and evolution of your network.

With decades of healthcare experience and a team of telecommunications experts, we operate independently of any vendor or provider and specialize in leveraging our industry experience on your behalf. Utilizing our proprietary tool, CarrierComplete, we provide the access, support and structure required to maximize your telecommunications savings and take control of your communications channels.

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