About FG

We Plan. We Build. We Operate.

It all started with a simple idea: Connection. Back then, FG was known as Fiberutilities Group, but the same entrepreneurial spirit continues to inspire our evolution as a team. We’ve always endeavored to be a great place to work and an ever greater partner for our clients. We’re there. Today, our experience and track record are the difference between us and everyone else. But it’s also heart. Hunger.

Our team is brought together by the belief that better networks create livelihood. Yes, we save money for our partners, too. That’s real value. But it’s not the reason we love doing what we do. We love doing what we do because there’s purpose in our work. We share the transformative power of technology and take pride in making business possible. Because each and every community deserves the opportunity to compete.

We embarked on this adventure in 2004, but our work continues to open spaces for our team to make a difference. We’ve teamed up with the State of Iowa to deliver broadband connection from the backyards of Dyersville to the boardrooms of Des Moines. We’re also working to improve the quality of life in rural communities through our initiatives in healthcare. Obviously, we can’t save lives ourselves, but we can make sure healthcare providers are supported by the best possible technology.

FG is here to help. How can we help you?